Our services

What We Do

Our Main Services

C-Chu Media specializes in carrying out the following services at affordable prices.


We offer competitive and creative photography services, we are open for jobs at any location in Nigeria. Our photographers are well trained and our gears are up to standard. We offer indoor and outdoor location based shoots to suit our customers imaginations. We also offer photo editing at an advanced level.


We also have quality service delivery in the area of video production. We cover events of all categories, form one man hand held video services to multiple video cameras and drone services. We also offer video editing services. We are ready to take on any project of any category.

Event organization

We are open for event management. We manage all kinds of events, from marriages to birthdays, seminars, conference, engagement parties and so on.

Graphic design

We offer graphic design at affordable prices, our designers are trained to design across all domains including, UI designs, UX designs, Magazines, Bulletins, etc. Also we do graphic design for branded materials such as clothing, souvenirs, etc.

Print & Publication

We do all kinds of print including fliers, magazines, banners, souvenir prints, cloth prints and so on. We are also into all forms of publication including books, magazines, newspapers etc.


C-Chu media ensure that all services rendered are top quality, keeping us ahead of our competitors. Each service rendered is overseen by a quality assurance personnel in order to ensure the best our of each job or project being carried out.


All staffs being placed on a particular job or project are experienced. We have this guarantee because each staff goes through intense training and are properly examined during the training to ensure that the job goes beyond a skill set and becomes a part of them. This experience is ultimately used in the execution of each job and projects.


Each project and job that we accept is placed on a time frame, this is to ensure speedy delivery of project. All projects are given utmost attention during its specified time frame so as to ensure all the project and job goals are met as at when due. This gives us an edge in such a competitive market.

Customer care

Because we know that the life line of every business are its customers, we ensure that our customers are well attended to. We are open to any suggestions, complaints or contributions that the customer is willing to input. This has been a key part of the growth of our esteemed enterprise.